Welcome to Eleanor + Anna!

Hello and welcome to E+ A!

You may be wondering why you need another newsletter in your inbox, and what it is exactly that we’re doing here at Eleanor + Anna. The last two years have been a whirlwind politically, but that’s what the other newsletters are for. As media students, journalists, writers, feminists and humans, we observed (as did many, many others) that the media coverage of the 2016 presidential election was unbalanced—often in the name of balance—at best, misogynist at worst, with lots of facepalm moments in between. However, existing problems with the news and bias didn’t spark this newsletter. What happened after did: marches upon marches, #MeToo, Time’s Up (to name but a few moments that are encouraging). AND, in 2018 there are more women running for office than ever before in this history of this country, many of whom are dipping their toes into politics for the first time.

We began to discuss how interesting and exciting this was, and ultimately noted something else: the women running defy easy categorization. You can’t lump them together. While they all share something important - the decision to run for office - their motivations and experiences compelled us to want to understand them as individuals. Young people today expect a more direct or intimate connection to public figures (thanks, Instagram), and this expectation requires a more nuanced, humanist approach to coverage.

Eleanor + Anna was born out of these conversations, and what seems like millions of email threads. Our name draws inspiration from the Eleanor and Anna Roosevelt radio program, where Eleanor and her daughter Anna explored politics, international affairs and more. They discussed the news in a decidedly human way, and never forgot the important stuff, like the dogs, food, art or music that makes us people. Puppies and policy, this was our type of program. Our hope is for you to get to know the people and the politics of this unprecedented number of women running for office as they fight to get onto ballots and win elections.

Thanks for embarking on this journey with us, please feel free to send any feedback, and if you like what you're reading, don't forget to tell your friends! 

—Beth & Danielle

Beth Carter