Who we are: 

Eleanor + Anna was inspired by the fact that in 2018, there are  more women running for political office than ever before. Our name draws inspiration from the Eleanor and Anna Roosevelt radio program, where Eleanor and her daughter Anna brought the world into people’s living rooms by discussing the news in a human way, and never forgetting the important stuff, like the dogs, food, art and music that make us who we are. They made room for puppies in their policy coverage... this was really our type of program.

Our hope is for you to get to know the people and the politics of this unprecedented number of women running for office, as they fight to get onto ballots and win elections. And like Eleanor and Anna, we want to keep our focus on the good stuff.  Policy and puppies, puppies and policy.

All archived interviews will live on this site. 
We'd also really love to hear any feedback and candidate suggestions from you, so stay in touch! 

Thanks so much for embarking on this journey with us, 

-Beth & Danielle